Which Alsace wine to serve with sauerkraut ?


Alsatian sauerkraut, with its aromas and richness, calls for a wine that will complement and elevate the dish. But which Alsace wine should you choose to accompany this delicate, richly flavored dish? Here’s our guide to choosing the perfect Alsace wine to accompany your sauerkraut.

Riesling: The Acidulated Revelation

Alsace Riesling, with its liveliness and mineral notes, is the ideal companion for sauerkraut. Its sharp acidity contrasts with the richness of the dish, bringing a welcome freshness to every bite.

Pinot Gris: The Opulent Accord

Pinot Gris, known for its roundness and aromatic richness, complements sauerkraut brilliantly. Its ripe fruit notes and light smokiness envelop the palate, adding an extra dimension to every bite.

Pinot Blanc : Subtle softness

Pinot Blanc, often appreciated for its delicacy, is a wise choice for those who prefer a more discreet wine. Its subtlety and light acidity enhance the nuances of the sauerkraut without ever overshadowing it.

Sylvaner : Thirst-quenching freshness

Sylvaner, with its thirst-quenching freshness, is perfect for balancing the fatness of sauerkraut. Its herbaceous notes and liveliness are an invitation to lightness, offering a refreshing break in the midst of intense flavors.

Crémant d’Alsace: The Sparkling Celebration

Sparkling, elegant Crémant d’Alsace adds a festive dimension to your meal. Its fine bubbles and liveliness cut through the richness of the sauerkraut, offering a joyful taste experience.

Les Roches Dorées : The exception that proves the rule

The “Les Roches Dorées” cuvée stands out for its velvety texture and candied citrus notes. This wine, both powerful and elegant, is a refined option for those looking to surprise their guests.


Each family of Alsace wines offers a unique experience to accompany sauerkraut. We invite you to discover these pairings in our cellar, where tradition and passion meet to celebrate Alsace’s gastronomic heritage. Visit www.vin-alsace-gueth.com for more information and to plan your next tasting.

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