How are my bottles protected during delivery ?

We use extremely strong cardboard packaging, where each bottle is housed and protected in a separate cardboard compartment. All our packaging is UPS approved, specifically designed and adapted to the transport of bottles to guarantee delivery in perfect condition.

At what time will your order be delivered to you ?

When picking up the package at the estate, you will receive an email informing you that your order is now on its way. You will receive a UPS tracking number (or UPS tracking number) which will allow you to track the delivery of your package as well as to know its estimated delivery date.

How can I have my order delivered to an address other than my billing address ?

When validating your order, fill in your personal details on the one hand. If you wish to have your order delivered to a different address, check the box labeled “Ship to a different address?” and fill in the different fields. you can also specify additional notes in the “Order notes (optional)” field.

What if one or more bottles are broken during delivery ?

This is extremely rare, but it can happen …
Always check your packages at the time of delivery: if a bottle is broken, the packaging box will inevitably be marked (significant stain, even dry). A simple glance is enough.
Then open the box in the presence of the deliveryman and have the number and types of damaged bottles mentioned on the delivery slip. If possible, take pictures and let us know right away.

Are the packages insured? what happens if the bottles arrive in pieces ?

What is important is to check the condition of your packages and your bottles upon receipt and in the presence of the delivery person. If you identify any breakage, mention it in writing to the deliveryman on the delivery slip, specifying the number and references of the broken bottles, and keep a copy. Notify us immediately by sending us a scan of the delivery slip as well as photos of the damaged package and bottles.
We will do what is necessary to have the broken bottles re-delivered to you without delay and at no cost.

What is the average delivery time for my order ?

You place your order on the day.
a) you wish to be delivered in mainland France: your order will be delivered to you within an average of D + 3 working days.
b) you wish to be delivered in Europe: your order will be delivered to you within an average of D + 5 working days.

How to have it delivered to a UPS relay point ?

You can choose to have it delivered to a UPS relay point or “UPS Acces Point”.
The explanations are provided in the “DELIVERY” tab of the site (see in the menu at the top of the page).

What should I do with the delivery boxes ?

In the event that you are in doubt about your order and are likely to change your mind, we recommend that you save the shipping boxes for a few days. If you were to return your order to us, then you would use this packaging. If you see no reason to reuse these boxes to ship wine, we recommend that you dispose of them in appropriate containers (recycling).

What happens if I am not at home when the delivery person passes by ?

The delivery person will leave a calling card in your mailbox in your absence. You will find the instructions to follow on this notice. If you have any doubts or do not know how to do it, call us directly, we will help you and get in touch with the carrier to have you re-delivered. Call us on +33 (0)

Will the delivery affect the quality of my wine ?

No, our carrier UPS makes every effort to guarantee the good performance of the transported wine. For many years we have had our bottles delivered to France, Europe and the United States, we have never encountered any problem with the deterioration of our wines…

How much does a parcel delivered to me weigh ?

A package of 6 bottles will weigh between 8.5 kg and 10.5 kg depending on the wines ordered (Crémant bottles are heavier).
A package of 12 bottles will weigh between 17 kg and 21 kg.


I am not sure which products to order, how do I choose ?

There are several classifications produced on our website which can help you guide your choices (by grape variety, by sweetness, food / wine accompaniment, etc.). Each wine also has a detailed product page on which you will find a lot of information and “Muriel’s advice”.

I do not know your wines and I hesitate …

Our packages / assortments are made for you: they will allow you to discover our ranges at a lower cost.

I would like personalized advice…

If you want even more information and advice, call us on +33 (0) Muriel will be happy to give you lots of personalized advice and help you choose the most suitable wines.


How can I pay for my order ?

a) with a payment card (CB Bank Card)
b) by bank transfer
c) by check (only for checks from banks domiciled in France)
You decide how to pay during the last phase of ordering and selecting the option that suits you.

Is my payment information (credit card) stored or accessible ?

We never have access to your banking information. When you pay by credit card, your confidential information entered during the order validation is transmitted to STIPE, the payment platform that we use. STIPE is a completely secure platform used by millions of companies of all sizes (Deliveroo, Booking.com, Manomano, Catawiki …).

My card payment failed, what should I do ?

Payment by credit card can fail for various reasons (error in entering card information, expired date, exceeding monthly spending limit, failure to verify with your bank, etc.).
We advise you to repeat your attempt to pay with your card. If the 2nd attempt remains unsuccessful, we advise you to use another card if you have one, or to choose another payment solution (preferred bank transfer).

I want to pay by bank transfer: how does it work ?

You have selected payment by bank transfer, then validate your order.
You will then receive a confirmation email with the bank details of the account to which you will have to transfer the amount of your order. When the transfer is confirmed by our bank, we will send your package which will be delivered within 72 hours after this payment confirmation.

Is my credit card payment secure ?

Yes, your payment by credit card is completely secure. We use an SSL protocol for our website which guarantees that the information exchanged is encrypted. Even if intercepted, this information could not be deciphered.
To make sure you are using a secure site connection, verify that the beginning of the site address begins with “https”. The “s” means that this site uses SSL to secure transactions. You will also find in the address bar the padlock that we find on online banking sites: it is the certificate of our website.


I changed my mind, I want to cancel my order…

You have a 14-day cooling-off period for change of mind. Inform us within this period of time of your wish to cancel your order totally or partially by sending us an email to cave@vin-alsace-gueth.com specifying your order number (see your acknowledgment of receipt received by email).

If your order has not yet been shipped: if we have already collected your payment, we will refund 100% of the amount collected on your account. If we have not yet received your payment, we will simply cancel the order.

If your order has already been shipped: you will need to return the unwanted products to us. The costs of re-shipping (packaging and shipping) are your responsibility. Upon receipt of the products, subject to their good condition, we will refund the amount equivalent to the products received within 8 days of receipt of the goods.

The wine I ordered is not to my taste, can I exchange it or have it refunded ?

It’s entirely possible. However, you must inform us within 14 days of the date of receipt of the products (or date of availability at a relay point). The procedure is similar to that of an order cancellation (see above). Any opened bottle is not refundable or exchangeable.


Are my personal data kept ?

Yes, the data collected on our site is kept for a period of 5 years, from your last purchase. However, you can oppose it by informing us by post or email. All the information relating to data processing is specified on the “Privacy Policy” page accessible from the footer of our site.

Can my personal data be used or passed on to third parties ?

Never. Personal data collected by the site is not transmitted to any third party, and is only processed by the site editor.

Can I object to the retention of my personal data ?

Yes quite. You can object to the retention of your personal data by informing us by post or email. All the information relating to data processing is specified on the “Confidentiality Policy” page accessible from the footer of our site.

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