A family story …

7 generations of winegrowers since 1725… and a feminine touch.

Our long line of winegrowers begins with Sébastien GUETH born in 1725, then Nicolas born in 1818, Richard born in 1848, Jean Baptiste my great-grandfather born in 1873. My grandfather Auguste GUETH born in 1903 was the first to put his name on his bottles. In 1982, my parents Jean-Claude and Bernadette created Domaine GUETH in the house of the ancestors, and equipped themselves with modern tools. In 1996, I joined the family estate where I have been responsible for the entire wine-making process there. We live as a family the passion for our terroirs, vines and wines.

We live as a family the passion for our terroirs, vines and wines.

In the cradle that mom installed at the foot of the vines, the leaves fluttering in the winds already attracted my attention! Out of passion and vocation, I chose to be a winegrower, in harmony with nature, in search of the senses and authentic taste. After my training in viticulture and oenology, supplemented by 2 internships abroad, I demonstrated my skills and my versatility, before establishing myself and integrating myself into the world of wine, which is becoming more feminine. I am proud to belong to the “women of wine” community.

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A family story 8

Recently I signed my name Muriel GUETH my cuvées, which are for me like my children …

Family house

We find in the registers of the Bishopric of Basel, writings on the existence and use of our family home.

1st GUETH winemaker

Birth of Sébastien GUETH. Alsace wines are recognized as excellent white wines throughout the region: Switzerland, Swabia, Bavaria, Lorraine and the Vosges valleys.

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1st bottles GUETH

General De Gaulle signs the ordinance which defines the appellations of origin of Alsace wines and sets the first rules. My grandfather Auguste GUETH produces and sells his first bottles.

Jean-Claude & Bernadette

adapt the ancestral house to the use of stainless steel vats and pneumatic presses to produce typical and fruity Alsatian varietal wines, Vendanges Tardives and Crémant d´Alsace.

JC B GUETH original comp

1st cuvées of Muriel

New vintages from plot selections. Grand cru Goldert, Old Vines, Cuvée Night Watch.

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A new step

New modern cellars in the middle of the vines. Vinification with indigenous yeasts. New Vieilles Vignes cuvées, Crémant Rosé, Harmonie (blend), Pinot noir rosé. Dry, semi-dry and sweet, complex and saline wines.

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And now…

New blending cuvées, new labels, signed Muriel. Dry and semi-dry wines, gourmet.

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