Fascinant week-end au domaine Gueth

The Fascinating Gourmet Pairing of Foies Gras and Alsace Wines during the Fascinating Vineyards & Discovery Weekend

Goose or duck foie gras ? Discover their differences and subtleties. Paired with a dry or sweet wine ? Experiment with new pairings.

Muriel GUETH, independent winemaker and Marcel METZLER, artisan / creator of Foie Gras and Canoie, multi-medalist for his exceptional products invite you to a gourmet and unusual tasting combining Foie Gras and Alsace wines at Domaine GUETH.

On the program for this refined, gourmet tasting: 4 exclusive Goose, Duck and Canoie foies gras and a slice of the historic Pâté de Foie gras “à la Contades” made by Marcel METZLER to the original recipe, generously served with 7 dry and sweet organic Alsace wines from Muriel GUETH.

Gourmets and gourmands, experience a unique moment of exchange with these 2 passionate Alsatian producers.

Click here to visit the Maison METZLER website.

* Adult : 59 €/personne
* Child & teenager : 45 €/personne (foies gras & grape juice)
* Child & teenager : free (grape juice only)
* Tasting of 4 different foies gras + 1 Pâté de foie gras
* Comparative tasting of 7 wines
* For minors under 18, wines replaced by grape juice
* 1h30 hours
* Number of participants limited to 15 adults
Spoken languages
* German, English, French
* 4:30 to 6:00 p.m


59,00 €


Domaine GUETH
1 Brunnmattweg, 68420 GUEBERSCHWIHR


Domaine GUETH
Domaine GUETH
+33 (0)3 89 49 33 61


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